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All is fair in love and war they say and I guess the same goes for business but that also depends on who you are and your morality. A while ago my partner and I began expanding from selling not just preloved magazines but also new ones. All was going well until one of the bigger boys started to get upset because we wanted to offer our customers better value for their hard earned cash and sold our magazines cheaper than they did. Eventually we came to an agreement that we would not undercut them and they would not undercut us and we would match each others prices, which we did. All was going well, but them we realised that although our rivals were in theory price matching they were offering a discount of 15 percent and undercutting us thereby renaging on our agreement. When we retaliated by reducing our prices things began to get nasty... So let me clarify... We are expected to play ball yet our bleating rivals feel they can do as they please, agreement or no agreement.

Our rivals have tried to get us shut down by trying to prevent us getting stock. They have bleated and cried to those who were supplying us and threatened to withdraw their business from them if they kept on dealing with us so we lost our main supplier. My thoughts on this is that these ''people'' are price fixing and using their muscle to keep a monopoly and prices high which is to their financial benefit.  All of this of course, in my humble opinion, is illegal and should be investigated by the monopolies commission though I doubt if any investigation would get far as a retailer can sell to whom they wish and those who they do not wish to sell to they don't. So when you buy from a certain retailer from their website or their Amazon, and from a certain publisher's website and Amazon account pause for a few moments and give thought to how you are being ripped off as their pally pally little cartel is keeping prices higher than they should be.

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I understand that sexual fetishes come in many different forms as I used to produce Kane magazine with Ms Harrison Marks, which is why I am able to offer Kane Magazine as a digital download.

We aim to cater for as many as possible genres through my ever expanding range of new ans pre owned magazines including Spanking, mags such as Janus and Februs, Fem Dom, Gay, BDSM, Transvestite, Cross-Dressing, Rubber & PVC and regular men's girlie magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, Club and Hustler, Teen Girls and Mature Women and offer the best of course the harder xxx magazines such as Private, Pirate, Hustler and Black Girls. I aim to offer the best possible service to my customers and the best possible prices.  Our payment processor is WorldPayZinc and the way the system works is that when an order is placed it us sent to us by email, when we process the order we will send you a link payment request which you can pay on their secure payment portal either by credit or debit card.
The condition of second-hand magazines sold by us varies from excellent to acceptable though all are complete with no missing pages unless stated in the magazine's description.
Magazines are exempt from The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Right To Cancel Regulations 2000 No. 2334 13 Paragraph (e) All magazines are shipped under discrete plain wrapper. Before placing an order please read our terms and conditions by clicking here.
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